July 1–July 7


2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (July 3, 11:15 pm): It's one of the most visually-stunning and fascinating films every made. 2001: A Space Odyssey is the story of man from pre-evolution to a trip to Jupiter, and how superior beings on that mysterious planet made it all possible. The storyline is fascinating and the ending is very much open to interpretation, which makes the film even more compelling. The interaction between astronaut David Bowman (Keir Dullea) and the HAL 9000 computer that controls the spaceship and has a mind of its own reflects how mankind has experienced gains and losses through the use of advanced technology. The cinematography, special effects and music take this film to a special level. 

THE CANDIDATE (July 7, 2:45 am): This is an excellent political satire, and its message of having to sell your soul and give up your integrity to get elected is timeless. Robert Redford is Bill McKay, a liberal attorney and son of a former California governor (played by the great Melvyn Douglas), recruited by Democratic political operative Marvin Lucas (Peter Boyle) for a longshot challenge to popular Republican Senator Crocker Jarmon (Don Porter). At Lucas' recommendation, McKay softens his message a little bit, compromising his principles – and it works. McKay and Jarmon essentially become one as both say the same thing, but the difference is McKay is young and good-looking, and Jarmon is older and doesn't look like Robert Redford. The storyline is intelligent and compelling, giving viewers a fascinating inside look at the political process in a documentary-style of filming.


1776 (July 4, 1:30 am): A musical about the signing of the Declaration of Independence? You’re kidding, right? No, we’re not kidding, and furthermore, it’s quite good. Based on the play, it retains many of those originally performed it. William Daniels is splendid as John Adams, Ken Howard makes for a most effective Thomas Jefferson, and Howard DaSilva is the spitting image of Ben Franklin. Throw in Virginia Vestoff as Abigail Adams and Blythe Danner as Martha Jefferson, and the film really rocks. Watch out, however, for John Cullum as Edward Rutledge of South Carolina. He brings down the house with “Molasses to Rum to Slaves.” Other numbers to look for include “But Mr. Adams,” “Cool Cool, Considerate Men” (my favorite), and the heart tugging “Mama Look Sharp.” American history was never this much fun.

ANNIE OAKLEY (July 5, 2:15 pm): Barbara Stanwyck is a marvelous actress. Even in bad movies she still manages to shine. Put her in a film worthy of her talents and there’s no ceiling. This is such a film – a wonderful, lively biography of one of the legends of the West. It’s Stanwyck’s picture and she dominates as the woman popularly known as “Little Miss Sure Shot.” Preston Foster provides solid support as Toby Walker, at first Annie Oakley’s rival at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and later the love of her life. George Stevens’s direction is nearly flawless as he keeps a tight rein on the picture, which in turn amps up the realism and believability. The result is a movie that’s fun to watch and can be seen numerous times without tiring out the viewer.

WE DISAGREE ON ... CAPTAIN BLOOD (July 1, 5:15 am)

ED. B. Captain Blood is a solid adventure with great performances from its cast, including Errol Flynn in his first swashbuckler, Olivia de Havilland as his leading lady, Lionel Atwill and Basil Rathbone as the heels, and that wonderful Warner’s stock company in support. The only fault, and that which prevents a higher grade, is the rather primitive way it’s presented. The use of title cards makes it almost seem as if it were made in the silent era or as an early talkie. This is 1935, and sound recording had been mastered. Perhaps the reason was due to it being a low-budget production; Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland were unknowns at this time. Note the difference in production values between this film and later Flynn adventures. Otherwise, it’s a great way to spend one’s time.

DAVID: A. The movie that launched the career of Errol Flynn as a swashbuckling icon is not only historically important, but is an excellent film. The cast is top-notch with Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Guy Kibbee and Lionel Atwill. Flynn is Dr. Peter Blood, condemned to a Jamaican plantation to serve out a sentence for treating an English rebel. When the Spanish invade Jamaica, the fun and the action begins. Blood leads a prison rebellion with the men stealing a Spanish ship – the Spaniards are busy looting the town – and later the French on his way to becoming a hero when England is overthrown by William of Orange. Flynn is as dashing as you'll see him on screen showing great charisma during the fight scenes, though he needed work at times with dialogue. There's no arguing that it's a low-budget film. It was so low budget that stock footage from silent films were used. However, I strongly disagree with Ed that it diminishes from the impact of the movie. The action sequences are top-notch. Flynn and de Havilland are perfect together without being over-the-top in the romance department, and of course, Rathbone is outstanding. 

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July 1

7:15 am – MAME (WB, 1974): Lucille Ball, Robert Preston, & Bea Arthur. Lucy stars as the wealthy eccentric takes in her orphaned nephew in this musical remake of Auntie MameC+

9:30 am – GLORY ALLEY (MGM, 1952): Ralph Meeker, Leslie Caron. Meeker is a boxer whose drinking seriously affects his performance in the ring. C+

11:00 am – THE DOCTOR’S DILEMMA (MGM, 1959): Dirk Bogarde, Leslie Caron, & Alastair Sim. A woman tries to convince the medical profession to save her husband despite his lack of character.C+

12:45 pm – GUNS OF DARKNESS (WB, 1962): Leslie Caron, David Niven. A businessman and his wife are caught in the turmoil of a South American revolution. C

4:45 pm – PROMISE HER ANYTHING (Paramount, 1966): Warren Beatty, Leslie Caron, & Bob Cummings. A single mother must choose between two suitors. C+

6:30 pm – CHANDLER (MGM, 1971): Warren Oates, Leslie Caron. A former private eye lands in hot water when he agrees to protect a government witness. D

8:00 pm – RAFFLES (UA, 1939): David Niven, Olivia de Havilland. A suave thief falls in love again with his high school sweetheart, finding not only temptation, but a trailing detective while visiting her family. C

9:15 pm – GONE WITH THE WIND (MGM, 1939): Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Havilland, & Leslie Howard. This classic version of Margaret Mitchell’s bestseller was the biggest grossing movie for decades. A

1:15 am – THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (WB, 1938): Errol Flynn, Claude Rains, Olivia de Havilland, & Basil Rathbone. Errol Flynn as Robin Hood battles Prince John and Sir Guy of Gisbourne.A+

3:15 am – THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ELIZABETH AND ESSEX (WB, 1939): Bette Davis, Errol Flynn. It’s high drama - and camp - concerning the relationship of Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Essex. B

5:15 am – CAPTAIN BLOOD (WB, 1935): Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Lionel Atwill, & Basil Rathbone. Flynn’s a doctor unjustly sentenced to prison who escapes and becomes a notorious pirate. Ratings: See above.

July 2

7:30 am – ANTHONY ADVERSE (WB, 1935): Frederic March, Olivia de Havilland. March is an orphan that runs off to a life of adventure before returning to France to find the girl he left behind. A

10:00 am – THE IRISH IN US (WB, 1935): James Cagney, Pat O’Brien, & Frank McHugh. An Irish family in New York: O’Brien is a policeman, McHugh a fireman, and Cagney a boxer. C-

11:30 am – ALIBI IKE (WB, 1935): Joe E. Brown, Olivia de Havilland. Brown is a baseball rookie who gets involved with gamblers and deHavilland. C

12:45 pm – MOONFLEET (MGM, 1955): Stewart Granger, George Sanders, Joan Greenwood, & Viveca Lindfors. Fritz Lang directed this adventure of a pirate caught between three seductive women.B

2:30 pm – BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK (MGM, 1954): Spender Tracy, Lee Marvin, & Robert Ryan. A one-armed veteran uncovers secrets when he tries to visit a Japanese-American war hero's family. A

4:00 pm – BULLITT (WB, 1968): Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset. When his witness is killed, Detective Frank Bullitt (McQueen) takes his own steps to solve the case. B+

6:00 pm – THE CAREY TREATMENT (MGM, 1972): James Coburn, Jennifer O’Neill. A doctor uncovers a hotbed of corruption when he tries to clear a co-worker of murder. C+

8:00 pm – THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT! (MGM, 1974): An all-star cast introduces clips from MGM’s greatest musicals. A+

10:30 pm – SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS (MGM, 1954): Howard Keel, Jeff Richards. When their older brother weds, six lumberjacks decide it’s time to go courting. B

12:30 am – ON THE TOWN (MGM, 1949): Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, & Jules Munshin. Three sailors wreak havoc as they search for love during a whirlwind 24-hour leave in New York City. B

2:15 am – SISTERS (AIP, 1973): Margot Kidder, Jennifer Salt. A small-time reporter tries to convince police she witnessed a murder in the apartment across from hers. B+

4:00 am – WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (WB, 1962): Bette Davis, Joan Crawford. Disabled former star Blanche Hudson is cared for by her psychotic former star sister Jane. B-

July 3

8:00 am – SUMMER STOCK (MGM, 1950): Judy Garland, Gene Kelly. Garland is a farmer bitten by the show-biz bug when Kelly and his theater troupe invade her farm. A-

10:00 am – SHOW BOAT (MGM, 1951): Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel. Grayson and Keel lead an all-star cast in MGM’s splashy remake of the 1936 musical about life on a Mississippi showboat. B-

12:00 pm – CALAMITY JANE (WB, 1953): Doris Day, Howard Keel. The Wild West heroine brings a star attraction to Deadwood and finds love. B+

2:00 pm – KISSIN’ COUSINS (MGM, 1964): Elvis Presley, Arthur O’Connell, & Glenda Farrell. Singing Air Force officer Elvis gets mixed-up with his twin cousin. C

6:15 pm – TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME (MGM, 1949): Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, & Esther Williams. Busby Berkeley directed this musical about a woman that inherits a baseball team and her problems. B

8:00 pm – BARRY LYNDON (WB, 1975): Ryan O’Neal, Marisa Berenson, & Patrick Magee. An Irish rogue cheats his way to the top of 18th-century British society. A-

11:15 pm – 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (MGM, 1968): Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood. Stanley Kubrick’s magnum opus about evolution concerns a mysterious, obviously artificial, artifact discovered on the moon. A+

2:00 am – A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (WB, 1971): Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee. In future Britain, a jailed teenage gangster volunteers for experimental aversion therapy, but t doesn’t go as planned. A

4:30 am – PATHS OF GLORY (U.A., 1958): Kirk Douglas, Adolphe Menjou. A military lawyer comes to question the system when her defends three soldiers accused of cowardice. A+

July 4

6:00 am – JUDGE HARDY AND SON (MGM, 1939): Lewis Stone, Mickey Rooney. Judge Hardy saves an elderly couple from eviction while tending to his wife’s illness. B-

7:30 am – THE HOWARDS OF VIRGINIA (Columbia, 1940): Cary Grant, Martha Scott. An aristocratic young lady marries a down-to-earth surveyor during the American Revolution. B

9:30 am – JOHN PAUL JONES (WB, 1959): Robert Stack, Marisa Pavan, & Charles Coburn. Stack stars as the Revolutionary War naval hero in this otherwise unremarkable biopic. C+

11:45 am – THE SCARLET COAT (MGM, 1955): Cornel Wilde, George Sanders. An American officer goes undercover top unmask a Revolutionary War traitor.  C+

1:30 pm – THE DEVIL’S DISCIPLE (U.A., 1959): Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, & Laurence Olivier. A preacher (Lancaster) and a rebel leader (Douglas) change places during the American Revolution. Olivier steals the film as General John “Gentlemanly Johnny” Burgoyne. Based on the play by George Bernard Shaw. A

3:00 pm – MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON (Columbia, 1938): James Stewart, Jean Arthur. A naïve young man appointed to fill out a Senate term turns the Senate upside down. A

8:00 pm – THE MUSIC MAN (WB, 1962): Robert Preston, Shirley Jones. A lavish adaptation of the Broadway musical about a con artist hawking musical instruments and band uniforms to a small town.B+

10:45 pm – YANKEE DOODLE DANDY (WB, 1942): James Cagney, Walter Huston, & Joan Leslie. Cagney won the Oscar (and deservedly so) for his portrayal of song-and-dance man George M. Cohan. It’s a wonderful film, spoiled only by the fact that it was not shot in Technicolor. A+

1:00 am – 1776 (Columbia, 1972): William Daniels, Howard DaSilva. The long-running Broadway musical about the events that led to the Declaration of Independence comes to film. The director’s cut. A

4:00 am – THOUSANDS CHEER (MGM, 1944): Gene Kelly, Kathryn Grayson. Egotistical acrobat Kelly joins the Army and falls in love with his commander’s daughter. B-

July 5

6:15 am – THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY (Edison Mfg. Co., 1903): Broncho Billy Anderson, Marie Murray. In this pioneering western, bandits rob the passengers on a train. Silent. A+

6:30 am – THE SQUAW MAN (Lasky, 1914): Dustin Farnum, Monroe Salisbury. A wrongfully accused man escapes to the West and takes and Indian bride in this silent directed by Cecil B. DeMille. A

8:00 am – THE VANISHING AMERICAN (Paramount, 1926): Richard Dix, Lois Wilson, & Noah Beery. A Navajo returning from college meets racial intolerance upon returning to his reservation. A

10:00 am – CIMMARON (RKO, 1931): Richard Dix, Irene Dunne. Dix and Dunne star in the story of a couple struggling to survive in the early days of the Oklahoma Territory. B

12:15 pm – THE SQUAW MAN (MGM, 1931): Warner Baxter, Lupe Velez. An Indian woman bears the child of the British aristocrat whose life she saved. B+

2:15 pm – ANNIE OAKLEY (RKO, 1935): Barbara Stanwyck, Preston Foster, & Melvyn Douglas. Stanwyck is the title character in a pretty lively biopic of the Wild West star. A

4:00 pm – THREE GODFATHERS (MGM, 1936): Chester Morris, Walter Brennan, & Lewis Stone. Richard Bolesawski directed this version about three outlaws that risk their freedom to return a baby to town. A

6:00 pm – THE PLAINSMAN (Paramount, 1937): Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur. Calamity Jane gets mixed up in an Indian War and the friendly rivalry between Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill. A

8:00 pm – STAGECOACH (UA, 1939): Thomas Mitchell, Claire Trevor. John Ford’s great Western with a breakout performance by John Wayne as The Ringo Kid. A+

9:45 pm – THE SEARCHERS (WB, 1956): John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, & Vera Miles. An Indian-hating Civil War veteran tracks down the tribe that slaughtered his family and kidnapped his niece. A+

12:00 am – FORT APACHE (RKO, 1948): Henry Fonda, John Wayne. Fonda is an arrogant cavalry officer who alienates his troops and almost causes their annihilation in a showdown with Cochise. A-

2:15 am – SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON (RKO, 1949): John Wayne, Joanne Dru. An aging Calvary officer tries to prevent an Indian war days before his retirement. B+

4:15 am – 3 GODFATHERS (MGM, 1948): John Wayne, Pedro Armendariz, & Harry Carey, Jr. John Ford’s remake of the 1936 tale about three outlaws risking their freedom to return a baby to town. A+

July 6

6:15 am – VIRGINIA CITY (WB, 1940): Errol Flynn, Randolph Scott. Union officer Flynn must stop confederate Scott. But the real reason to see this picture is Humphrey Bogart as a Mexican bandit! B

10:30 am – THE RETURN OF THE BADMEN (RKO, 1948): Randolph Scott, Robert Ryan, & Anne Jeffries. A farmer falls to the female leader of an outlaw gang. C+

12:15 pm – CANADIAN PACIFIC (Fox, 1949): Randolph Scott, Jane Wyatt, & Nancy Olson. Railroad surveyor Scott faces an Indian rebellion while romancing Wyatt and Olson. B-

2:00 pm – FORT WORTH (WB, 1951): Randolph Scott, David Brian, & Phyllis Thaxter.  A retired gunfighter fears that he might have to take up his former trade when a gang of outlaws rides into town. C

5:00 pm – THE BOUNTY HUNTER (WB, 1954): Randolph Scott, Marie Windsor. A bounty hunter attempts to track down three killers. C+

6:30 pm – RIDE LONESOME (Columbia, 1959): Randolph Scott, Karen Steele, & Lee Van Cleef. Budd Boetticher’s great Western about a bounty hunter who acquires unwanted companions while bringing in a criminal. A

8:00 pm – RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY (MGM, 1962): Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea. Sam Peckinpah directed this tale of two aging gunslingers that sign on to transport gold from a remote mining town. B

9:45 pm – THE DEADLY COMPANIONS (Path-America Distributing, 1961): Maureen O’Hara, Brian Keith. To make amends for killing a man, a Civil War veteran accompanies his corpse through dangerous territory. B-

11:30 pm – THE WILD BUNCH (WB, 1969): William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, & Robert Ryan. Sam Peckinpah’s ultra-violent Western about a band of aging outlaws looking for one last score. B

2:00 am – THE BALLAD OF CABLE HOGUE (WB, 1970): Jason Robards, Jr., Stella Stevens. A prospector creates a thriving stagecoach stop at the site of a spring. B+

4:15 am – PAT GARRETT & BILLY THE KID (MGM, 1973): James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson. Director Sam Peckinpah’s take on the former friends who now find themselves on opposite sides of the law. C+

July 7

6:30 am – THE JOURNEY MGM, 1959): Deborah Kerr, Yul Brenner. A Communist officer falls for a married woman trying to escape from Hungary. B

8:45 am – THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV (MGM, 1958): Yul Brenner, Lee J. Cobb, & William Shatner. Richard Brooks directed this impressive adaptation of the Dostoevsky’s classic. A

11:15 am – TRIPLE CROSS (WB, 1967): Yul Brenner, Christopher Plummer. A safecracker becomes a double agent in World War II. C+

1:30 pm – DAVID COPPERFIELD (MGM, 1936): Freddie Bartholomew, Basil Rathbone, & W.C. Fields. Dickens’ classic tale of an orphaned boy’s fight for happiness and the characters he meets. A+

3:45 pm – THE WOMEN (MGM, 1939): Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, & Paulette Goddard. A happily married woman (Shearer) lets her catty friends talk her into divorce when her husband straysA

6:00 pm – PAT AND MIKE (MGM, 1952): Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn. George Cukor directed this story of a budding romance between a female athlete and her manager. B

8:00 pm – ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN (WB, 1976): Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford. Hoffman and Redford are reporters Bernstein and Woodward in this re-creation of the Watergate scandal. B+

10:30 pm – THE CANDIDATE (WB, 1972): Robert Redford, Peter Boyle. A senate candidate's ideals grow weaker as his position in the polls gets stronger. A-

12:30 pm – NETWORK (MGM, 1976): Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway. Like most Chayefsky screenplays, it’s satire with a sledgehammer, but Finch as Howard Beale is unforgettable. B+

2:45 am – THE CONVERSATION (Paramount, 1974): Gene Hackman, John Cazale. A surveillance expert uncovers a murder plot within a corrupt corporation. A+

4:45 am – KLUTE (WB, 1971): Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland. A small-town detective searches for a missing man linked with a high-priced prostitute. B

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