Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Celluloid Club Celebrates Five Years

The Celluloid Club started about seven years ago as an email group of Ed's friends. Four times a month, he'd send out what evolved into our TCM TiVo Alerts, the website's most popular feature. The list, as it still does today, gave a rundown of what films were on TCM with letter grades and summaries.

David offered his opinions and saw numerous films recommended by Ed and some that he was told to avoid. While David watched movies since childhood, his passion for cinema was greatly increased by Ed's lists. For a while, David was watching 40 movies a month. The email exchanges between the two – and others, including Steve – turned into lively discussions.

Steve would send his weekly Dinner and a Movie reviews to the group, which also generated plenty of interest. For those of us who weren't regular moviegoers, the information about the latest releases were a way for us to decide what we'd see and what strange foods Steve ate that week.

After exchanging emails about cinema for about two years, the three of us thought rather than share our passion for film with a small group of people, we would share it with the world. And that is how The Celluloid Club website came to be. During these five years, our readership has grown beyond our wildest imaginations.

On May 5, 2012, we published our first article: one of our TCM TiVo Alerts, which included Ed and David disagreeing about Bringing Up Baby (neither has changed their mind four years later). We've done about 250 of them during these past four years. Equally impressive is during that time, Steve has written more than 250 Dinner and a Movie reviews.

As we approach our 1,000th article, we want to thank our readers, particularly the longtime followers who found us at the beginning and have stayed with us ever since. These five years have been an adventure and a lot of fun. Below are links to some of our favorites from the past 12 months. Once you're on our website, feel free to look around. 

Ed, David and Steve

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