Saturday, May 4, 2013

One-Year Anniversary

In 2010, a small group of friends and friends of friends got together to share and discuss cinema through email. It was very casual with some firing off a few sentences – sometimes a few paragraphs – about movies seen in the theater or on television, typically TCM.

We then had the idea that instead of sharing our thoughts and opinions with just ourselves, we’d see if there was an audience interested in what we wrote. It wasn’t a very ambitious plan. We would create a website, even though none of us knew what to do. (A very special thanks to Elise, David’s wife, for creating and designing it, and for all of her technical and design advice along the way.)

We discussed a name for the website and came up with The Celluloid Club. It was a perfect name for what we do. We’re a non-exclusive club with a love of movies. Films are inclusive: open to anyone interested in entertainment, knowledge and a great place to relax, learn and experience a wide range of emotions.

On May 5, 2012, we published our first article. The growth of our audience is overwhelming. We started out with about 10 to 20 visitors a day. Thanks to word of mouth and then the development of a loyal and devoted fan-base, we’ve had days with 200 readers.

It’s been a great year, and the quality of writing continues to get better.

Thanks to all of you who’ve supported us during this first year, particularly the many who follow, promote and encourage us. This is just the beginning. We are excited about the future of The Celluloid Club and are grateful for all of our readers.

Below are some of our favorite articles from the past year.

See you at the movies!

Ed, David, Steve and Jon

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