Monday, May 4, 2015

Celluloid Club's Three-Year Anniversary

About five years ago, Ed started sending out a list four times a month to a group of friends with his recommendations for films on TCM. Some, particularly David, were very interested in the list, offering his thoughts and reactions to Ed's list as well as his recommendations. It was casual with responses only a few sentences or a few paragraphs in length. A response led to another and at times, a lively discussion. 

Then Steve started sending out his weekly Dinner and a Movie reviews to the group. That too generated responses and plenty of interest. However, after a couple of years, Ed, David and Steve decided that there was potentially a larger audience than the seven or so others in the email group.

So we decided to create a website. It was that simple and that complicated. None of us had every created a website. Fortunately, Elise, David's wife, is an experienced web designer and was kind enough to create the template for us – as well as always be there to help with questions and challenges we have.

We talked about names for the website and came up with The Celluloid Club. It was ideal for what we do. The Celluloid part sounds a bit sophisticated and the Club is approachable, friendly and inclusive. After all, movies can be somewhat sophisticated – though we love to write about bad movies, psychotronic films and animation. As for inclusive, we've had several other friends, most notably Jon Gallagher and Melissa Agar, over the years contribute articles to the site, and we're always looking for others to join our club. We strive to be entertaining, informative and interesting.

On May 5, 2012, we published our first article: one of our patented TCM TiVo Alerts, which included Ed and David disagreeing on Bringing Up Baby (neither has changed their mind three years later). The growth of our audience has been incredible. Thanks to those who read us through Google+, Twitter and Facebook, and a special thanks to those who follow us regularly.

These three years have been fantastic and we hope to continue providing our readers with fun and insightful articles on all sorts of movies and movie-related items.

Below are some of our favorites. Once you're on our website, feel free to look around. This is our 616th post. Much of our material is categorized for your ease.

Ed, David and Steve


  1. Congratulations on your 3 years and have many more to come.

    1. Thank you, Frank!

      We plan on being around for a long time.